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With the countless amount of driver ads that are being posted these days on the internet, newspaper, radio and other methods, how do you choose one job? How do you know what the company is advertising is realistic and not just an attempt to get you to call and go to work for them? Most Drivers and Operators have went to work for a company that ended up being broken promises and a waste of your time. This is where 18 Wheels of Justice comes into the picture! It is our priority to make YOU the driver feel comfortable about the company before you make the first call to their recruiting team. These are the companies that we recommend for you and more importantly your family…and if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us directly.  Please click on the company's logo to go directly to their website and don't forget to check out the Featured Carriers page where we have more of our outstanding carriers...
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Our Featured Company

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18 Wheels of Justice Proudly Presents...

Super Service, LLC.

TA Truckstop - Foristell, MO.  11:49AM 10.22.2012


The TA in Foristell is about 50 miles west of St. Louis.  It's the first real truckstop you come across as you’re making your way westbound on I-70.  It is a grimy, dirty sort of misconfigured building, which has been there for ages.  There are remnants of a Taco Bell and KFC "in house" franchise, which never seemed to do very well with drivers passing through or with locals, for that matter. 


It smells like old tacos, used fried chicken grease and GOOP (I hope you know GOOP and its unique smell).  Honestly, I’m not sure if the Taco Bell and KFC are still operating, I never walk around that side of the building.  The best I can recall, I've never seen anyone over there.  I prefer the "real" food inside and most of all I enjoy talking to Marge.  Marge is the hostess, dishwasher and waitress extraordinaire for the TA in Foristell.  Marge is as sweet as can be, and more importantly, she knows a lot about trucking. 


Marge started at the TA in 1972 and never looked back.  Marge has seen and heard it all and is an excellent source of information and gossip from all around the country on everything trucking.  And Marge, she likes to talk about trucking...

I like to visit with Marge once a week when I stop by for lunch.  Marge had been telling me about the drivers she had been meeting from Super Service that had been stopping by the TA the last few months.  She asked if we could do some research on them so she would know what to tell other drivers who asked about Super Service. The 18 Wheels of Justice Staff of course is always happy to oblige. Between Marge’s interest and the large amount of drivers and owner operators also asking us here at the 18 Wheels of Justice office, we decided it was time to get to the bottom of things.  

We are proud to present our research on Super Service, LLC

                                                                                                Call today - 888-883-6853

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Super Service Claim to Fame -

Keep Moving with Super Service: More miles, More Pay, More Opportunity.

Super Service keeps drivers and operators moving with consistent and timely dispatch. Because our drivers & operators make us a leading trucking company in the region, and we offer them best package in the industry.

This is just what we like to hear at 18 Wheels of Justice.

18 Wheels of Justice contacted Super Service HQ in Grand Rapids, MI. and we sat down for a spell with Mr. Jim True, Director of Recruiting.  We asked some of our typical hard hitting questions to get to the bottom of this cat-like curiosity around the office surrounding them.

Super Service is led by two honorable and well qualified individuals.  Mr. Dan Strong is CEO and Mr. Roger Waddle is the Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Jim True, Director of Recruiting and Retention, was kind enough to spend some time on the phone with us on Friday afternoon.   

Excerpts from interview with Jim True – Super Service

Super Service is a large, financially secure trucking company with over 1100 power units.  What are some of the advantages of working for a carrier like Super Service?


Jim- “Our Company is big enough to have good business and have the ability to hire good people in operations, but we have the attitude and flexibility of a small company.  We know and respect our drivers and we stand by them, period.

We have terminals w/ WIFI, shops and showers across the country. Dispatch stays focused on assigning loads and keeping are drivers rolling, no waiting around for loads.”


Does Super Service accept drivers from driving schools who have a CDL? 

Jim – “Yes, we do.  We have one of the best training programs in the business.  We welcome qualified drivers’ right out of driving school with a CDL.  Call us while you are still in school so we can have you ready to go and answer any questions you have.  Start your career off right!  Call us at 888-883-6853.”

Does Super Service run any teams?

Jim – “As a matter of fact we have just expanded our dedicated team operation in San Antonio, TX.  Runs are dedicated and go to CA, AL and MI.  The money is really good and it’s dedicated.  This is an excellent opportunity for husband/wife teams, anyone who has ever thought of teaming up with another driver, and of course, existing teams.   Call us – 888-883-6853”

85% drop and hook means time spent earning and driving and not waiting to load & unload.  50% of Super Service trucks are 12 months are newer means no CVSA issues or downtime for maintenance problems.     What about home time and out of state drivers?


Jim - We have a very good flexible home time approach with our drivers.  As I said before, we stand behind our drivers; they are part of our family.  We know the importance of family and being home when you need to be, and we respect our families.

We welcome out of state drivers.  We have 3 major service centers and several dedicated operational facilities east of the Mississippi.


    Call today - 888-883-6853

   Check out Super Service on Facebook 

18 Wheels of Justice Quick Stats -
Company Drivers-

  • 500 new trucks recently added to our fleet
  • Now offering a $2,500 sign on bonus, for a limited time! Ask your recruiter for details
  • 50% of the fleet less than twelve months old
  • Flexible home time policy
  • Over 90% of freight is no-touch and 85% is drop-and-hook
  • Dedicated opportunities in specific areas.
  • Technology to ease route planning and reduce fuel costs
  • EZ PASS & Qualcomm
  • BCBS Health Insurance/MetLife Dental/VSP Vision
  • Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance - $10,000 at no cost to you!
  • Voluntary Allstate Benefits (similar to AFLAC)
  • Flex Spending Account (Health Care and Reimbursement and Dependent Care Reimbursement)
  • 401k Plan – Employees can contribute 1-75% of their weekly income to their 401k
  • Paid Vacation

Plenty of perks at Super Service (click on logo to learn more and visit their website)

18 Wheels of Justice – Quick Stats

Fleet Owners & Owner Operators:

Super Service is also on the lookout for the best owner-operators and fleet owners to join our successful team. We are looking for long-term partners as we grow our business, together with you.

  • Competitive Pay Mileage Based or Percentage
  • Fuel Surcharge will be paid 100% (based on amount billed to customer)
  • No forced dispatch
  • Orientation in Somerset, KY, Atlanta, GA, and Grand Rapids, MI
  • Mileage to orientation compensated on first settlement
  • No Additional Charges for base plates, permits, or TripPak
  • No charge for Filing Fuel Tax (if you use the Super Service fuel card)
  • Lease on today and earn a $2,500 sign on bonus! Ask your recruiter for details
  • Deep Fuel Discounts plus Intelligent fuel routing system – Save Big on Fuel
  • EZ Pass

Please call our Owner Operator Recruiting Specialist at 800-669-8567!

We would like to thank Mr. True and Super Service for taking the time to share this valuable information with us today. 

OWNER OPERATORS - COMPANY DRIVERS - CALL AGXP TODAY!!                                   



- Average load weight 20K
- 100% Round Trip Loads
- 50% Loaded, 30% Empty Trailers, 20% Bobtail - ALL MILES PAID!
- Freight available 24 hours a day 7 days per week, never lose a day
- Consistent Revenue for your truck week in and week out
- Minimal waiting, 95% Drop & Hook
- Home Every other Day
- Great Pay
- Guaranteed Pay Per mile
- $3000-$4500 Plus take home after fuel each week
- 24/7 Dispatch
- Assigned Dispatcher
- 2 HOUR ORIENTATION BY PHONE - no need to travel and sit for days in orientation! 
- Maintenance Advance/Loan Program for our Operators
- Plate Program - Weekly deductions
- Fuel Card
- DEEP Fuel Discounts
- Free Trailer Use
- No forced Dispatch
- Dedicated Dispatcher 
- Abundant Profitable Freight - Never sit

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We Know Owner Operators!  We understand and provide what it takes to succeed in this business, whether you are a first time owner operator or have been doing it for decades, we provide what it takes to succeed in this tough business! What our Owner Operators have to say:

"I deal with same dispatcher here for everything, I get an answer right away for any question I have and am having one of the best years I've ever had since I bought my truck in 2014..." Tom - St. Louis, MO 

"I have been with American Global Express for over a year, I like having my assigned dispatcher, AJ, always gets me home and gets me the loads I want, I've done better here than anywhere else I've been".... David - Owner Operator, Edwardsville, IL 

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