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With the countless amount of driver ads that are being posted these days on the internet, newspaper, radio and other methods, how do you choose one job? How do you know what the company is advertising is realistic and not just an attempt to get you to call and go to work for them? Most Drivers and Operators have went to work for a company that ended up being broken promises and a waste of your time. This is where 18 Wheels of Justice comes into the picture! It is our priority to make YOU the driver feel comfortable about the company before you make the first call to their recruiting team. These are the companies that we recommend for you and more importantly your family…and if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us directly.  Please click on the company's logo to go directly to their website and don't forget to check out the Driver Opportunities page where we have more of our outstanding carriers...
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Our Featured Company

Atlas Van Lines Moves Dry Freight! The Shuttle Fleet – Unique Drop and Hook Opportunities for Owner Operators




Here at the 18 Wheels of Justice HQ, we are always looking for new opportunities for our Owner Operator audience.  It’s getting harder and harder to find dry van trucking companies who offer more than the usual empty promises.  Stay tuned because we found a great company for you today… 

We searched nationwide and found a very unique opportunity in Evansville, IN, and out of all the companies we investigated, we found one at Atlas Van Lines.  Yes,   Atlas Van Lines, one of the most recognized moving companies in our nation, has quietly become an extraordinary “dry and no-touch freight” carrier in its Shuttle Fleet Division. 

 Now, before we get into the details of why, Atlas is hauling dry freight, lets take a quick look at Atlas’s fascinating history, it includes hauling a Dolphin, a Mummy (Not an Englishmen’s Mummy, but the scary, Three Stooges type of Mummy)and a Space Shuttle. 

 Any company, who has successfully hauled a dolphin, automatically qualifies for an 18 Wheels of Justice Carrier of The Year Award Nomination!


Let’s start with a little history on Atlas…

In 1948, a group of 33 entrepreneurs in transfer and storage formed an alliance to better serve customers and enable one another's success. Their vision: to build a cooperative that would operate efficiently from coast to coast. They themselves would be the owners, and they adopted the golden rule as their business philosophy. They took the name "Atlas Van Lines" and established headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Today, Atlas Van Lines is a subsidiary of Atlas World Group, a family of companies headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. Atlas serves markets for global relocation, benefits, recruiting, logistics and travel, through a network of more than 500 Atlas agents in the United States and Canada, and service partners operating in 140 countries around the world. A commitment to integrity, quality and solutions still guides the company, just as Atlas agent-owners still set the policies that further service excellence.

Ever since a mythical titan was credited with shouldering the heavens, the name "Atlas" has stood for a rare strength. Today, the name "Atlas" identifies a global company distinguished by strengths in transportation and a dedication to helping people go new places.


Now, for the “don’t miss” opportunity with Atlas for financial security, success and peace of mind…


If you want to “just drive,” Atlas lets you!  You bring the power and leave the physical labor to others. All Atlas Shuttle Fleet positions are “drop and hook” 100% no-touch freight.

The newest addition to Atlas’ corporate divisions, the Shuttle Fleet is a nationwide trailer delivery service network that is streamlining the way we do business and moving Atlas owner operators toward even greater success. Atlas continues to offer owner operators in this division a pay rate that is far above the competition as a strong foundation of this new fleet is being built.

Atlas tells you the Averages 
our owner operators make, not like others, who will only say “Up To”



We are very happy to have Paul Young from Atlas with us today.  Mr. Young, welcome to 18 Wheels of Justice.  

Now let’s start with the most pressing questions we have.  Kit, our valued receptionist, was barely able to sit still while waiting for us to ask Atlas her questions…

Did Atlas employ the services of Indiana Jones for this Mummy move? 

No. Our Owner Operators are the best in the business and highly trained to handle every situation.

Was there some type of mystical chant used to keep the Mummy from getting up and walking around the trailer during the move? 

No Comment – Atlas procedures are confidential and proprietary.

Atlas is a fixture in the Moving Industry and is well known for the successful business relationships it develops with its owner operators.  We would like to know a little more about you and your history with Atlas.

I have been with Atlas for 25 years, 19 of which have been in recruiting, and all have been in some form of direct connection to the Atlas direct fleet. I've previously ran the Commercial Truckload Division for four years and the Logistics department for 6 years, both pertaining to the operations and dispatch of our direct fleet. We've never had a huge fleet, so through those years, my team and I have worked directly with our owner operators. They don't have to jump through hoops to get a hold of us. And we treat them right. When you work with an owner operator, you have to be a partner with them.
Honesty, and getting to know the drivers is the key to success in this business, and I believe that's why I've been around here for as long as I have. Carla Trent, who assists me in coordinating our recruiting program, has been working in recruiting for 33 years, and the drivers think she's tops. The average employee here at Atlas has been with the company for at least 15 years. It's a great culture here, and when you pass that culture of respect and integrity on through the way you do business with your drivers, you build a foundation for a long-term relationship with them as well.

The Atlas Shuttle Fleet is relatively new venture for Atlas.  What is behind the decision to move into "dry" freight?  I imagine Atlas saw a very unique and profitable opportunity for both Atlas and for owner operators.

We've been in it since at least 1987 and have used a broker to transport this business before then. What's changed is that we are expanding further into this business. The Logistics department has continued to grow to the point that we needed to grow our division.

I think the fact that The Shuttle Fleet is a small and independent part of Atlas is very appealing.  The Long History and Financial strength of Atlas combined with the flexibility of a smaller operation.  100% No Touch, Drop and Hook is also a huge plus for owner operators.  No lost time waiting at docks or for your next load.  What kind of miles can operators expect? 

Drivers in this position can expect between 2100-2500 miles per week, or more depending on the operator.

What about home time?  What are the main areas Atlas runs in the Shuttle Fleet?

Home time is the decision of the owner operator. If they need or want more home time, they get it. It's all up to them on how much revenue they want to bring in.

Where are your hiring areas?  Is it 100% no-touch dry freight drop and hook, or will operators be asked to haul household goods also? 

We are hiring in the lower 48 states. And yes, Shuttle Fleet drivers may haul some household goods trailers, though still as drop and hook shipments with no labor involved. There are no claims obligations with these shipments either, as that responsibility is on the agency who loaded the trailer, not the driver. Our Shuttle Fleet drivers just drive. 

Thank you for joining us, Paul.  Please read below for more information on the Atlas Shuttle Fleet...

Atlas pay is competitive across the industry and provides solid income EVERY week.

18 Wheels of Justice can’t stress enough the value in a drop and hook shuttle program that brings the income home for you week after week.  Don’t ask yourself if you made the right decision see the proof in your check every week with Atlas.

You can count on above-average rates per mile and assistance with expenses to maximize your earnings.

18 Wheels of Justice often advise our operators to be leery of large sign on bonuses.  Atlas is one of the few good carriers who offer a competitive bonus and delivers with consistent high income for their owner operators.

Owner Operators Needed: 
$3,000 Sign-On Bonus

Offer available for a limited time as Atlas grows its Shuttle Fleet!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of the Atlas Shuttle Fleet

·                      Fuel Surcharge paid on all dispatched miles

·                       Discounted Fuel Program

·                       Detention Pay

·                       Paid Permits and Cargo Liability Insurance

·                       Free Blue Beacon Truck Washes  

·                       Direct Deposit Settlements (weekly)

·                       Comdata Fuel Card (no hidden company charges)

·                       Bobtail insurance is included in contract

·                       Clothing Allowance

·                       Cell Phone reimbursement up to $50.00 per month (must supply monthly receipts)

·                       Health, Dental, Life Insurance available

·                       National Tire Account

·                       Maintenance program

·                       No Cost Year Round Rider Program (18 years or older)

Additional Benefits

·                  Fuel-Saving Light loads

·                  Flexible home time

·                  Still using paper logs

Click below or call Atlas Today!




OWNER OPERATORS - COMPANY DRIVERS - CALL AGXP TODAY!!                                   



- Average load weight 20K
- 100% Round Trip Loads
- 50% Loaded, 30% Empty Trailers, 20% Bobtail - ALL MILES PAID!
- Freight available 24 hours a day 7 days per week, never lose a day
- Consistent Revenue for your truck week in and week out
- Minimal waiting, 95% Drop & Hook
- Home Every other Day
- Great Pay
- Guaranteed Pay Per mile
- $3000-$4500 Plus take home after fuel each week
- 24/7 Dispatch
- Assigned Dispatcher
- 2 HOUR ORIENTATION BY PHONE - no need to travel and sit for days in orientation! 
- Maintenance Advance/Loan Program for our Operators
- Plate Program - Weekly deductions
- Fuel Card
- DEEP Fuel Discounts
- Free Trailer Use
- No forced Dispatch
- Dedicated Dispatcher 
- Abundant Profitable Freight - Never sit

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"I have been with American Global Express for over a year, I like having my assigned dispatcher, AJ, always gets me home and gets me the loads I want, I've done better here than anywhere else I've been".... David - Owner Operator, Edwardsville, IL 

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